FREE RANGE THINKING Is An Amusing Look Inside

by Walter Bender

Robert Dubac stars in FREE RANGE THINKING, as seen on “The Late Late Show.” Through Aug. 12 at Act II Playhouse. Tix and info: or call 215-654-0200.

Act II Playhouse is host to a different kind of show this month. Robert Dubac brought his one-man show FREE RANGE THINKING to Ambler. Dubac, who previously performed his first show THE MALE INTELLECT: AN OXYMORON at Act II is a comedian, mimic, magician, and actor all in one. His show is an introspective look into who he is and what is in his mind.

The premise of the show is that Dubac’s everyman character has suffered partial amnesia due to being hit in the head with a golf club, and is trying to re-discover who he is. He asks questions…many questions, some of which are thought-provoking, some of which are humorous, all of which take us into the out of the box thought process of this talented comic.

As the show progresses, we meet many of Dubac’s inner voices…the Voice of Reason, Common Sense, Inner Child, Inner Idiot, and Uncle Bobby, all of whom have distinctive voices, facial expressions, body stances and very different ideas about the world. The various characters enable Dubac to discuss controversial topics in a non-threatening manner…in fact there is a running gag where he has “the line” on the floor and he sees how close he can get to the line without stepping over the line. This is a prevailing theme in the show, and while it is intended to be funny, you’re also aware that Dubac is truly attempting to get as close to that mythical line as possible.

Robert Dubac stars in FREE RANGE THINKING at Act II Playhouse in Ambler, PA through August 12.

Dubac weaves an interesting path in his 90-minute show, with some magic tricks, lighting and sound effects and music dotted throughout the performance. Kudos to the uncredited lighting designer/operator for the many dozens of cues handled almost flawlessly, sometimes at breakneck speed.

This is not the traditional show one would expect in a theatre…it’s more like the stand-up one might see in a comedy club or on Comedy Central. And, by the nature of the show, it’s certainly a different type of show for the traditional theatre-going audience. But, it is funny, entertaining, thought-provoking, and a close-up look into the mind of a very talented performer..

Written and performed by Robert Dubac
July 18-August 12, 2012
Act II Playhouse
56 E. Butler Ave.
Ambler, PA 19002

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