The Future of Theater Looks Bright in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL at The Barn Playhouse

by Kelly Thunstrom

Rebecca Caprio and Brooks Inciardi star as Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton in the Dramateurs’ production of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

Every once in awhile, a playhouse will devote their stage to a young people’s production. That is the case in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL at The Barn, where the oldest performers have just graduated from high school. It is often in these productions where the most joy is found, because one can’t help but be happy watching the next generation of theater sing their hearts out.

Directed by Rory Zummo, with musical direction by Nancy Chronister and choreography by Jill Fazzini, Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL revolves around Troy (Brooks Inciardi) and Gabriella (Rebecca Caprio). Troy is the star of his school’s basketball team, while new-to-East High Gabriella quickly proves herself as a star in Science class. Finding that they both love to sing, they decide to try out for the musical. But they have to watch out for Sharpay (Emily Fry) and Ryan (Brendan Hopkins), who have always had the lead parts in everything they ever did. The expressive acting of Inciardi, comedic skills of Hopkins, and beautiful singing voices of Caprio and Fry make these four leads a force to be reckoned with.

The Wildcats of East High celebrate their victory in the Dramateurs’ production of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

While a show can’t exist without its main characters, this HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL is truly bolstered by its supporting cast and ensemble. Tyrone Lackey (Chad), Amber Mangabat (Taylor), Richard Fusco (Zeke), Amanda Lamphere (Martha), Christian Ortiz (Jack), Katie Gingerich (Kelsi), Mariah Mulhare (Ms. Darbus), Stephen Waters (Coach Bolton), Emily Aron, Grant Hopkins, Maddie Markell, Zach Reynolds, Sarah Shin, Kim Stratoti, Chris Waters, Kimberly Wilczynski, and Jessica Yates, together with Inciardi, Caprio, Fry, and Brendan Hopkins make a truly wonderful cast. You could physically see their confidence growing as the night progressed, culminating in “Counting on You” and “When There Was Me And You.”

The Wildcats Basketball team tries to get their head in the game in the Dramateurs’ production of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

So if you’re nostalgic for a trip back to your youth, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL at The Barn Playhouse is just the ticket.

Book by David Simpatico
Music Adapted, Arranged, and Produced by Bryan Louiselle
Directed by Rory Zummo
July 20-28, 2012
The Dramateurs, Inc.
at The Barn Playhouse
1600 Christopher St
Jeffersonville, PA 19403

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