Laughs Plentiful (From Men and Women) at THE MALE INTELLECT: AN OXYMORON

by Walter Bender

From the title of the current production at Bucks County Playhouse, you might think a male-bashing is in store…some man-hating person, full of bitterness, spouting off about the ugly side of the male animal. Not true…in fact, what we have is a very talented and funny man, telling man-secrets to everyone, resulting in the fastest 90 minutes on any stage.

THE MALE INTELLECT: AN OXYMORON is a one-man show written, conceived and performed by Robert Dubac. It tells the story of “Bobby”, whose girlfriend has dumped him. Bobby is confused…not entirely sure why, but is trying very hard to figure it out before a deadline. Bobby’s ex has said she will call in 2 weeks, and the time is almost up. Desperately, Bobby seeks assistance from various people he has encountered in his life (all hilariously performed by Dubak). Together with these influences, as well as the disembodied voice of his “feminine side”, Bobby tries to work out what women want from men. Is it Sensitivity? Honesty? Sense of humor? Passion? Communication? Or perhaps it’s something more mysterious?

I took Mrs. Reviewer along with me to this show–a rare occurrence. We sat in the audience and both of us laughed almost continuously for the entire performance. The show in incredibly well-written, the pace is perfect, and Dubak is so fluid in his performance you know he believes everything he is saying…or not. Years of performing this piece throughout the country (to rave reviews) have honed this production to razor-sharpness, and the audience reaps the benefit. Lines are delivered very casually, or intensely, fast or slow, as the occasion requires…yet every word is spot on, every nuance perfect. Dubak takes joy in poking fun at the male animal, and both men and women join in on the joke.

I cannot recommend this show enough. Equally funny and thought-proviking, the performance was so flawless, so enjoyable, that when it was over the audience clamored for more. Fortunately, there will be more…we got a preview of his other show (opening later this month at the playhouse), THE BOOK OF MORON. This promises to be equally delightful…I’ll let you know!

This is a very limited run production…don’t wait to see it.

Conceived, written and performed by Robert Dubak
November 12 – November 23, 2014
Bucks County Playhouse
70 S Main St
New Hope, PA 18938
(215) 862-2121

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