Thought Provoking Humor in THE BOOK OF MORON at Bucks County Playhouse

by Walter Bender

Bucks County Playhouse continues its holiday season with the second of Robert Dubac’s one-man shows, THE BOOK OF MORON. Not to be confused by a musical with a similar name, MORON is a thought-provoking tour through the playwright/performer’s mind. In this show, Bob (Dubac) has amnesia…he cannot remember several important details about his life, including where he is, how he got there, and why he can’t remember. He determines that in order to remember, he has to discover THE TRUTH…but what is the truth, and how does one find it?

Dubac combines the finest parts of social commentary and standup comedy in his shows, and this one is a classic example. He is so at ease on stage, talking with the audience, you feel as if you are an invited guest into his introspection…and indeed, you are. In Dubac’s search for the truth, he relies on his inner voices…His Voice of Reason, His Common Sense, His Inner Moron, His Inner Child, and His Inner A**hole. Dubac shows us each of these voices with different accents, body language, and characters, much to the audience’s delight. The Voice of Reason helps “Bob” find the Door of Truth, and with each revelation, he peels away another layer of the truth, and with it skewers many of society’s foibles, pop-cultural icons, and idio(t)syncracies. He discusses sex, race, religion, media and politics with equal parts wisdom, silliness, and a large dose of thought-provoking honesty.

It’s difficult to avoid comparisons to Dubac’s other show recently on display (especially since I attended the opening of both shows.) THE BOOK OF MORON is not as gut-busting hilarious as its predecessor, but in many way is a more complete production…the humor is there, and chuckles are plentiful. However, there were also many scattered bursts of applause in response to Dubac hitting a cultural icon right between the eyes with a well-placed verbal dart. And, I left this production thinking about many of the things Dubac discussed.

This is a very limited run production, only in performance through Saturday the 29th. Whether you saw his prior show or not, it’s a great way to spend 80 minutes, with an “old friend” on a holiday weekend.

Robert Dubac’s THE BOOK OF MORON
Conceived, written and performed by Robert Dubac
November 25 – 29, 2014
Bucks County Playhouse
70 S Main Street
New Hope, PA 18938
(215) 862-2121


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