Audience Review: SISTER ACT at Grand Theatre: Home of the Road Company

by Patricia Bradford

It is So Much Fun!

Sister Act opened on Thursday, April 27 at the Grand Theater in Williamstown. It is a fun filled, laugh out-loud, musical delight! The Road Company once again brings high quality theater to Main Street Williamstown.

The story line is based on the 1992 movie starring Whoopi Goldberg, but the two are not the same. This production is fast paced and the music is different, I mention this because you need to know before you go, it is different from the movie, but -It is So Much Fun!

The cast is so good, that all the performers stand out. If I had to choose one character as the most memorable, I couldn’t do it. They were equally energetic and talented.

Danielle Harley-Scott solidified her command of her “Deloris” character as soon as she started singing “Fabulous, Baby!” Every woman should wake up in the morning and sing this out loud. She was boisterous and over the top, and yet vulnerable when she needed to be.

Carol Furphy-Labinski portrayed Mother Superior with the quiet, dignified, wise head of the convent you would expect. Her voice held the perfect softness and clarity as she sang “Here Within these Walls”.
Kyrus Keenan-Wescott captured Eddie so perfectly, just about everyone in the audience could relate to him in some way. Most women would love to find someone just like Eddie and most men, although they would never admit it, would tell him “I feel ya man!”

Craig Bazaon, as Curtis did a fine job scaring me as the murderous boyfriend, however rumor has it that he is the sweetest, most loveable man you will ever meet.

Joey, TJ and Pablo- Sean Casey, AJ Dwayne and Armando Mendez – are three of the most inept criminals you will ever see. Their presence on stage brings side-splitting laughter and silly choreography, which is why the audience is laughing so hard!

Amanda Spivack, Maria Panvini and Mary Simrin; Sisters -Mary Robert; Mary Patrick; Mary Lazarus; portray the naïve, enthusiastic nuns, chomping at the bit to help others and doing good work. Amanda, Sister Mary Robert, breaks your heart with her rendition of “The Life I Never Led”.

Director and Producer, Lauri Hudson did a fabulous job pulling all of this together. Her production staff made the entire production look and feel effortless, the stage truly comes alive and shimmers. I am consistently amazed at the Broadway caliber productions that the Grand produces.

Leslie Romanuski outdid herself with her extensive sparkling costume work.

Arthur Taylor’s playfully effective choreography fit each number perfectly.

The Road Company Theater group is a 501c3 tax exempt corporation. They produce 6 main stage shows a year, various arts education classes in the spring and fall, kids show choir and a robust kids camp all with limited outside funding. Most theaters in the South Jersey area have major benefactors or receive major grant awards, but the Grand Theater does practically everything on their own. For a modern-day Arts and Educational non-profit house like this, it’s amazing that they continue to bring such high-quality productions to our community. It makes you wonder what more they would be able to do for the community if they had strong financial backing.
If you are planning a night out make this a priority. It’s just so much fun, you can’t go wrong.
Performances are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until May 13.

Grand Theatre: Home of the Road Company

Review submitted by:
R B Chance

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