AUDIENCE REVIEW: Road Company’s MARY POPPINS Practically Perfect in Every Way!

by Patricia Bradford

After the last few weeks of disappointment, doom and gloom, anxiety about our future, we could all use a break! And the perfect remedy is MARY POPPINS!

The Grand Theater in Williamstown opened their newest production Thursday night and it was a wonderful, happy, music-filled delight. Amy Sprouse and C J Kish were absolutely shining as Mary and Bert. Their voices carried every song brilliantly. Amy’s Mary was just right – understated, all knowing, mystical. CJ’s Bert was fun and lighthearted and proved himself quite agile in his performance.

Lily Bunting and Mason Corey showed so much confidence in their roles, it is hard to believe how young they are. You must ask yourself how an 8-year-old and 12-year-old can remember everything these two must remember. The Supercalifragilisticexpialiocious number is just an example; and they had lots more to do!

Roman Lupan and Jessica Doheny were perfectly cast as Mr. and Mrs. Banks, Roman’s Mr. Banks was convincingly over-worked, stressed out and completely oblivious to his family. Jessica’s Mrs. Banks was unappreciated, but a steadfast and loving wife and Mum.

Anne Buckwheat and Jacob Ropka as Mrs. Brill and Robertson left you wondering how the household stayed in one piece. They were funny and warm hearted and you could understand why Mrs. Banks kept them on.

Sam DeWitt’s Miss Andrews scared the living (bad word) outta me. You had to feel bad for Mr. Banks after seeing her. Sam was just great.

The entire cast was excellent and kudos must go to Brian Rivell, the Director/Choreographer, whose choices in casting were spot on. His direction and choreography was fluid and beautiful to watch. The Step in Time scene was awesome.

Congratulations and high praise go to the production staff and crew for making this technically challenging show look easy. Unfortunately for them, the audience rarely notices their accomplishment unless something goes wrong. Well done.

This production will leave you singing for days after you see it. So, take your kids, your Grandkids, or borrow a neighbor’s kid, but go. You need (we all do) a bit of magical, musical fun right now, and urge you strongly not to miss this production. It’s a Practically Perfect remedy for all of us.

The show runs every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday until December 10th. Don’t miss it, you won’t be disappointed.

Grand Theater/Road Company Theatre Group

Review submitted by:
Rosemary Casey

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