ANYTHING GOES at Footlighters

by Patricia Bradford

Last Saturday evening I was treated to a delightful presentation of the Cole Porter musical, ANYTHING GOES. The show sparkled from start to finish as director Tony Filipone and producer Phyllis Bastarache created a worthy successor to blockbusters JEKYLL AND HYDE and SWEENEY TODD. The set was beautifully done and the lighting very effective. Particularly impressive was the dancing. The actors moved gracefully and smoothly around the stage and made the best use of the small space. Choreographer Sue Weiss geared the steps to the dancers ability allowing more trained people to shine while the less experienced still moved in a polished manner. Costumer David Shimko created wonderful pieces, some of which I would just die for. Music Director Stevie Tayge led the pit orchestra which was well balanced in perfect sync with the action. As one audience member commented, ” We saw the show on Broadway and you gave them a run for it!”


Review submitted by:
Dolores Ciavola

Author’s Bio:
I am a professional pianist/choral director with 44 years performing/teaching experience. I am the owner of St. Cecilia Conservatory, School of Music. I’ve done Musical Theater at Swarthmore Players Club and Footlighters for several years

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