Suspenseful WAIT UNTIL DARK at DCP Theatre

by Dennis Bloh

If there is a canon of plays that established theaters must do, then WAIT UNTIL DARK is probably in it. For her initial directing effort at DCP, Caris Baliles chose a tight play and allowed her actors the room to deliver the goods.

WAIT UNTIL DARK is a classic mystery. Three bad guys meet and devise a plan to recover drugs hidden in a doll and mistakenly given to a photographer, Sam Hendrix at the Toronto airport. The photographer’s wife Susy Hendrix is recently blind and is still learning to cope with her disability. These men plan to scam the unsuspecting Susy, but they become thwarted by her innate cleverness as well as her newly heightened sense of hearing. She is aided by a neighbor’s ten year-old daughter, Gloria who spends time torturing Susy.

As the protagonist, Susy, Casey Gerhart demonstrates both the vulnerability and bravado of the fearful, unsure wife. She is very convincing as a blind woman and is more than capable of the physical demands of the role. As Gloria, young Kacie Watkins is believable not only as a sometimes brat and sometimes ally.

As mastermind, Harry Roat, Steven Zanine is menacing. He uses glibness and calm to create a very formidable villain. Dan Ferry as Mike Talman makes it clear that he has a conscience which ultimately leads to his death. Jay Fletcher as the comic Sgt. Carlino demonstrates some very consistent comic moments. The remainder of the cast performs admirably bringing this story to life.

Technically, Set Designer, Mark Henry creates an excellently designed space. He captures the nuance of a small apartment without limiting the actors or director. Mike Addice’s lights and sound also creates the dangerous atmosphere needed to make the suspense work.

DCP is a lovely space to see a play and WAIT UNTIL DARK is a wonderful way to enjoy an evening of theater. WAIT UNTIL DARK runs until November 22nd.

by Frederick Knott
Directed by Caris Baliles
November 7—22, 2014
DCP Theatre
795 Ridge Rd.
Telford, PA 18969


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