BURGLAR’S HOLIDAY is Sure to Steal Your Funny Bone

by Laura and Keith Clattenburg

Enjoying a good comedy is something that everyone should take in every chance they can. This past Saturday Keith and I were treated to one on the opening night of BURGLAR’S HOLIDAY at the Rainbow Dinner Theatre.

Always delicious, we enjoyed a lovely fare, prepared by Amber Besash and Dadmary Cruz, including roast beef, chicken, ham, to name a few, topped off with a variety of decedent desserts and festive drinks. My favorites were the Seafood Newberg and pumpkin cake and Keith enjoyed the cheesecake. The food is only part of the ultimate Rainbow experience.

The cast of BURGLAR’S HOLIDAY: Joe Winters, Scott Russell, Casey Allyn, Jonathan Erkert, Bradley “Bing” Ingersoll, Josey Miller, Lauren Zehr, and Jimmy “2Step” Consentino. (Photo credit: David Disavino)

As the lights dim, we enter the living room of Ann and Joe Lattimer (Josey Miller and Jonathan Erkert, respectively), located in Northern New Jersey. As the couple packs for a well-overdue vacation, two carolers show up at the front door and the soon-to-be empty home is mentioned in passing. But the trouble doesn’t start there. The once thought-to-be-empty house turns into a retreat for lovesick Mary (Lauren Zehr) and an entertainment ground for hosts Trixie and Al (Casey Allyn and Bradley “Bing” Ingersoll) to Joe’s boss. Roll on the floor laughter starts with a case of mistaken identity when Sully (Joe Winters) and Roger (Jimmy “2Step” Cosentino) show up to rob the joint.

Rainbow’s own Scott Russell is the writer of this delightfully zany comedy. He is seen in cameo roles and brings in timely laughter.

All of the actors are on point with their lines and actions (no surprise there). Winters and Cosentino are the dynamic duo of this story filled with zingers, one liners, and good old fashioned humor. Allyn’s hysterical portrayal of Joe’s half-witted overly-hospitable mother often had me wonder if that was my own mom on stage (I hope my mom doesn’t read this) and Ingersoll was the perfect complement as her reluctantly compliant husband.

BURGLAR’S HOLIDAY is just the right show to bring in the Christmas cheer. Very well written, extremely well portrayed.

by Scott Russell
November 1 – December 28, 2014
Rainbow Dinner Theatre
3065 Lincoln Hwy East (RT 30 East)
Paradise, PA 17562


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