ACCOMPLICE at Barley Sheaf: Hint…The Butler Didn’t Do It

by Laura and Keith Clattenburg

Loving a good mystery and taking pride in figuring things out rather quickly, ACCOMPLICE had me leaving the theater pondering well after curtain call. The ingenious plot shifts in so many directions, you’ll feel like you’re on a tilt-a-whirl.

The production of ACCOMPLICE, brilliantly played by The Barley Sheaf Players and directed by Glen Eric Reed, may be shortest yet most difficult review for me to write. To mention one minor part or character role may give away the most miniscule clue and spoil the whole thing. Opening the program that is designed by Doug Schultz, I found it odd that there were no character names in the bios. A mystery in itself, I figured out why by the middle of the second act.

I can say this… the pre-show announcement was creatively hilarious and a splendid beginning to the comedy/thriller. The show opens with a beau monde 1970 English-style cottage set, impeccably designed by the director. Costumes by Stevie Tagye are a wonderful complement, as well as the lighting and effects, created by Mike Fitzgerald, Ron Quirk, and Allen Puy, respectively.

The cast of ACCOMPLICE at Barley Sheaf Players.

Now for the cast, small but robust. Elizabeth Hennessey is the murderous wife in the first act and is seen mostly on stage throughout the show. Hennessey is wonderful to watch and she takes her characters by storm. Kevin Robinson is her lover and I enjoyed his portrayal of funny and quick-witted characters. Greg Kasander and Ashley Harper do a great job topping off the small cast, cleverly playing the snobby husband and “polyurethane brain” faux blonde.

Under Reed’s keen direction, all four characters have skillfully and manically bounced between their multiple roles. Get a babysitter due to some adult suggestive themes and enjoy about three hours of comedy, suspense, and a roller coaster ride of fun. Giving my husband, Keith, off for this assignment, I invited my sister, Linda Clark, to join me. She enjoyed it as much as I did.

Written by Rupert Holmes
Directed by Glen Eric Reed
October 17, 2014 – November 8, 2014
The Barley Sheaf Players
810 N Whitford Road
Lionville, PA 19353
(610) 363-7075

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