The Truth is Town and Country Players’ LIE, CHEAT, & GENUFLECT is Worth Your Time

by Wren Workman

Town and Country’s current production is LIE, CHEAT & GENUFLECT, a fun little crime drama with lots of laughs, and very good acting. The set is efficient, practical as was the sound. Lighting changes were minimal but were always well done.

Matthew Thompson (Billy) and Paul Frank (Tom) were both hilarious throughout with fantastic natural chemistry. Each would constantly set up jokes with just a look and they all played very well. They also had a few throwing gags that could have gone bad very easily and they nailed it every time.

David Sharper (Robert) and Valerie Sharper (Virginia) were fantastic and stole the show completely. This couple is filled with wit and a special type of charm.

Laurel Collins (Girl) and Stephanie Smith (Jane) were each perfectly cast, with excellent comedic timing and even better body language.

Joseph Perignat (Petrillo) and Jillian Thaker Ambs (Mackintosh) were also very well cast as the hilarious scene stealers they were. Perignat makes for a spectacularly funny mobster and Ambs is a comic genius as the girl sidekick.

LIE CHEAT & GENUFLECT is fun for everyone, but it does have a certain level of crass humor. The jokes all play well and the shows spectacular cast pull it all of to a perfect creation. If you can spend the evening laughing at mistaken identities and absurd coincidences this is a perfect choice.

by Billy Van Zandt and Kane Millmore
Directed by: Keith Kerns
Produced by: Kim O’Byrne-Rozman
May 9-24, 2014
Town and Country Players
4158 York Road
Buckingham, PA
Reservations at: 1-800-838-3006 or at

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