Get a Dose: HAIRSPRAY at Acting Naturally

by Wren Workman

The John Waters cult classic turned musical sensation HAIRSPRAY is a fantastically funny musical.

Acting Naturally’s interpretation was odd because it seemed to be straddling a line, while the show was strong and the choreography (Brendan Stackhouse) was refreshingly different, the show suffered from having age differences that were very visible. The show also suffered from very poor sound control, microphones fluctuated up and down randomly, and on three separate occasions I heard conversations going on backstage through the sound system.

The cast themselves were all trying their best and the following stand-outs tried their hardest to overcome the sound issues:

Michaela Tarallo (Tracy) really acted her heart out and did a strong attempt as the HAIRSPRAY star. However she was miscast in this role as it really required a much stronger dancer and singer then Tarallo was able to bring to the table.

Tori Vouk (Penny) was the runaway star of the show. Perfectly cast, hysterically funny with perfect timing.

Samuel J Frenkel (Edna) was perfectly cast and hilarious in the traditional drag role. Frenkel is charming and brace as Edna and was a great as the protective loving mother.

Alicia Landis (Velma) was another standout in the crowd, a little younger then how the role is typically cast but she was a very strong Velma and has a great voice.

Brian Neal (Seaweed) oozed charisma constantly on stage, though his voice was a little flat at times.

Bruce Perlman (Mr. Pinky) was stellar in the small bit roles he performed.

Kyle Rodgers (Link) was a strong Link, but the age difference between him and Tarallo was very distracting. His dancing and singing were both standouts amongst the cast.

Brennie Tellu (Motormouth) was perfect as Motormouth and I really wished her interpretation of the character would have had more time on stage.

Meg Waldowski (Prudy) was another standout character actor of the show.

by John Waters
Directed by Wendy Force McBride
Choreographed by Brendan Stackhouse
Musical direction by Sam Frenkel
Music by Marc Shaiman
May 9-11, 2014
Acting Naturally

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