Psychologically Thrilling BEING OF SOUND MIND at Village Players of Hatboro

by Wren Workman

Village Players of Hatboro presents the lesser known BEING OF SOUND MIND. This is a psychological thriller which straddles the lines between unreliable narrator and creates a level of doubt in the audience on what just happened.

BEING OF SOUND MIND is sure to entertain anyone who is a fan of Hitchcock or The Twilight Zone. The cast did a good job of portraying what seems like a difficult script ,as they speak in regional accents from England and Australia, and while not all the accents were perfect, all of the actors did a fine job of sticking to the accent they were using and not breaking out of character. However it was distracting when quite a few times characters got caught up in their own lines, and either restarted their lines completely from the start of the sentence or trailed off slightly. The set, props and lighting were all done very well, and the sound in particular was very good. What few set changes took place were very fast and did not detract from the show. Costumes as well were very well done, believably setting the atmosphere for an early 1980’s show.

Erin Ryan (Susan) was at her best when her character was in hysterics, and really appeared to be a woman desperately trying to figure out whether or not she has lost her mind.

Anthony Cipollo (John) stole the show with his acting, accent and fantastic body language. He is very believable as the husband taking his wife on a trip to help her relax.

Jillian Bosmann (Mrs. March) was a hilarious aussie with an odd fashion sense.

Ashley Lora-Lee (Judy) also had great body language on stage, though it was hard to believe a familial relationship between her character and Ryan’s, the women did seem to honestly care for one another.

Brian Richichi (A man) did very well and actually did a fairly good job at matching body movements in his show as a doppelganger.

If you’re a fan of old fashioned psychological thrillers then BEING OF SOUND MIND is the show for you, especially if you want to see the most adorable little Satan to ever grace a stage.

by Brian J. Burton
Directed by Jim Balcerek
Produced by Gina Lutz
January 10- 25, 2014
The Village Players of Hatboro
401 jefferson Ave.
Hatboro, PA


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