SEASONAL ALLERGIES at Rainbow Dinner Theater

by Laura and Keith Clattenburg

What an exciting evening spent at the Rainbow Dinner Theatre. SEASONAL ALLERGIES, written by Katherine DiSavino and Kevin Mead, is a comedy about life in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Pete Dumbowski (Christopher Babcock) is a broken-hearted, soon-to-be divorcee who winds up staying at his sister Julia Shelby’s (Josey Miller) house after being invited by his brother-in-law Tom Shelby (Scott Russell). Charlie (Chris Roe) is his adorable nephew and adds cute humor throughout the show.

Alison Cusimano (Rachel Blauberg) and J.D. Cusimano (Jimmy “2Step” Cosentino) are the best friends who are starting a family and due any day with their first child. Emily Cantwell (Lauren Zehr) is the widow neighbor whose tree was hit by a car… Pete’s car, then dragged into the Shelby household to be used as a Christmas tree. This is only the beginning of the SEASONAL ALLERGIES.

Lines delivered without hesitation, jokes just right, lights and set… fantastic. We felt drawn in by the characters. Each character owned their role and they all did extremely well. It was almost as though we were sitting in our own living room watching ourselves on stage. We could relate to each character and have had someone in the family “be” at least one of them; the pregnant new mommy-to-be, the super clean maniac, the laid back football guys, and the messy, needs-to-be-fixed adult little brother.

We really enjoyed the show and the entire evening with the delicious food and great ambiance. The wait staff were attentive to each person and you feel more like a dinner guest than a customer. Don’t miss this one, or this theater.

by Katherine DiSavino and Kevin Mead
Nov 5, 2013 – Dec 28, 2013
Rainbow Dinner Theater
3065 Lincoln Hwy East (RT 30 East)
Paradise, PA 17562

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