I LOVE YOU…. Is Perfect! Don’t Change! at Everett Theatre

by David Bradford

Ok, no theatrical show is ever “perfect”. Performers and artists can always find ways to make it just a little bit better. But one thing is certain, the Everett Theatre’s production of I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE is a “perfect show” for date night!

I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE is a series of vignettes (with different characters) highlighting the joys, sorrows, and challenges of love. Act I’s vignettes expose some pretty funny takes on the perils of the dating world. From a newly met couple running through the entire lifecycle of a relationship in their minds in the course of one song, to two insecure individuals finding they were just right for each other, to two women lamenting the lack of eligible men, to the final “success” of one couple’s journey, Act I will leave you in stitches. While it’s unlikely one of us has experienced all of these things, it equally unlikely that one of us hasn’t experienced any of these. Some things are just universal.

If Act I is the “before”, Act II is the “after”. These vignettes deal with life after that wedding day…you know…when reality creeps in. Some of the funniest moments of the show, as you can imagine, take place in this Act, including one very funny, uniquely choreographed number dealing with the family car ride!

All the dozens of characters in these vignettes are played by four very talented performers, two male and two female. The ladies are played by Crystalia Hampton and Mary Spacht. Hampton’s versatility and soulful voice has her easily moving through characters from the very young to the weary heart-hardened dating veteran. Spacht is given a virtual smorgasbord of comic characters to portray, and she nails every one. She has all that and a killer voice too. It is a true pleasure to watch both of these ladies work.

But the men, played by Jon Dalecki and Dan Peck aren’t to be outdone either. Dalecki, whose witty characters often play opposite of Spacht’s, are up to the measure and delightful. He too has a nice voice when the songs are perfectly set in his range. Peck, whose characters usually play opposite of Hampton, also sings quite well. However, he is particularly proficient in the area of physical comedy. He has a priceless repertoire of comic looks and faces he employs!

As an ensemble the cast works well together. It is clear that they enjoy working with each other, and more importantly, are in love with this show! As an audience member you can’t help but to be swept up into the show, when the cast clearly is as well.

Lately, unfortunately, there has been an undercurrent in the theatre community in this area that reviews minus negative comments are merely “puff pieces” and pure PR. So to placate those individuals I will list one “negative” of the show.

While as individuals each member of this cast has an outstanding voice, there are several numbers where blending could be better. Not sure if it is a volume mix, mic EQ issue, or just that the individual tonal qualities of their voices aren’t 100% compatible. That being said, if you get wrapped up in that you have completely missed the point of this show. This show is meant to be a funny, entertaining, and relatable piece. A polished, musically “perfect” rendition, would be too sterile and not allow the characters to be “real”.

I should also mention that the show is accompanied by Chris Chen on the piano and Samantha Taylor on violin. The combo provides a great feel and flavor for the show.

So, no excuses! Call up that special someone now and plan to see this show! Trust me, even if your special someone has to be dragged kicking and screaming to a theatre, by 10 minutes into the show they will be laughing his or her head off and saying “We should do this more often!” But be warned! When you are laughing your hardest, one or two scenes will slip in that might send you into tears. But that’s love. You laugh, you cry, you get flipping mad! This show will make you laugh and cry….but you’ll only be mad if you miss it!

The running time of the show is a little over two hours. The show deals with adult themes and has some mild language. Leave the kids at home. Instead bring your friends and your special someone! You will not be disappointed!

Book and Lyrics by Joe DiPietro
Music by Jimmy Roberts
Directed by Chris Everett
October 11 – 20, 2013
Everett Theatre
47 W. Main Street
Middletown, DE 19709


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