Madcap Fun in FOX ON THE FAIRWAY at Rainbow Dinner Theatre

by Lila Achuff

Calling all golfers with a huge sense of humor! If you take golfing all too seriously, pass. On the other hand, maybe you could use a few chuckles.  Now, if you enjoy laughing and eating good food, continue. If you just appreciate a good time (who doesn’t?), a pleasant ride to Paradise (I mean it!), some shopping (if you allow time for it), then make time for FOX ON THE FAIRWAY at the Rainbow Dinner Theatre in Paradise, PA, between now and October 26. All right, truth to tell, it’s a silly, corny, hokey slapstick comedy – a farce! Ya gotta love it! (We can thank Ken Ludwig for writing this play which was first produced in 2010.)

So here’s the deal! We have the Quail Valley Country Club competing in an annual golf tournament with the Crouching Squirrel Golf Club. Their respective presidents, uptight Bingham (David DiSavino) and arrogant Dickie (Scott Russell), make a foolish bet on the outcome. Boys will be boys! Making their loosey-goosey appearance(s) throughout the setting, the Tap Room of the QVCC, are Bingham’s wacky assistant, Justin (Joey Sauthoff) and a ditzy waitress, Louise (Lauren Zehr). I present to you, Romance and Madness (think “Dumb and Dumber”) … er, take your pick. Enter “Hot to Trot” Pamela (Cynthia DiSavino … yup, Mr. ‘n Mrs. in real life), Dickie’s ex. Just to round out our six characters, add to the lunacy and mayhem, Muriel (Dianne Fussaro), Bingham’s nagging wife. (I dare you to pick sides.)

We begin with QVCC’s top player deserting to play for CSCC. This is a huge problem for Bingham who now has a good “chance” to lose to Dickie (think Jack Black in over-the-top sweaters) who’s reveling in this opportunity to end up winning. Bingham needs someone to come to the rescue! Unless you want to jump up on stage and be the one, I ain’t tellin’ who turns into our super hero!

Meanwhile, this is what I propose to assist you in “getting” the play:  Pretend that each character represents one dice. Take all six die and shoot! (Actually you can  have fun with this at home afterwards. Party talk!) Pair them off perhaps with those closest to each other. (Cheat a little!) Now you can make up a story about the pairings, but Mr. Ludwig has done this for you with his version. Hence, we have Act II. Everything in the tacky, wacky insanity that ensues charges to a “Holy Toledo” ending with quite a few unexpected surprises.

On this Sunday matinee I attended, the audience seemed to love the show as one could tell by all the laughter. I especially got a kick out of the flirtatious interaction between Bingham and Pamela (you know, M ‘n M). Personally, one less screech from the adorable Louise would have worked for me. Screaming can even be done in mime, voiceless even. But, hey, it got her cuter ‘n cute Joey (oops! Well, that pairing was a no-brainer!) Engaging the “oh, so close” audience could be such a hoot. A little less arm flapping and a little more in facial expressions can speak volumes.

The perky music in between the scenes was so suitable and it would be good to continue it during intermission, i.e., keep the light mood in the air going. The curtain call à la “Laugh-In” (remember that?) was simply outstanding! It happened so quickly that I needed an encore on that alone!

The “lesson” announced at the end by Louise to the audience just blew me away because it’s so apropos to life in general and it made the whole production worth my while.  I know, you can’t remember, right? I guess you’ll have to go back and bring a bud! I’ll bet it’s funnier the second time around!

Until the next show…

Written by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Scott Russell & Dianne Fussaro
August 13 – October 26, 2013
Rainbow Dinner Theatre
3065 Lincoln Highway East
Paradise, PA 17562

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