Warmest Regards to Barnstormer’s FORBIDDEN BROADWAY

by Lisa Panzer
Members of the cast of Barnstormers Theater's production of FORBIDDEN BROADWAY.

Members of the cast of Barnstormers Theater’s production of FORBIDDEN BROADWAY.

Theatergoers who braved the snow to see director Brian Miller’s rendition of FORBIDDEN BROADWAY at Barnstormers Theater on opening night were warmed by courtesy hot beverages (Helen Dorn). And a warm audience they were too, as their laughter rang throughout the show. Jack Frost took second billing to this fabulously funny musical review mock-up featuring a chorus of caricaturizations of many popular Broadway stars and the songs and shows for which they are renowned.

Numbers such as “Liza One-Note”, featuring Dawn Sheppard as “Liza”, The duet duel “Mucous of the Night” between the Phantom (of the Opera), portrayed by A.J. LoPorto and Ethel Merman, played by Andrea Kalan, “Chita/Rita America” a tickling tribute to Chita Rivera and Rita Moreno (there is a surprise twist in this number), “I’m Thirty Years Old Tomorrow” with Christine Stief, inspired by the show Annie, and “On My Phone” a hilarious parody of “On My Own” from Les Miserables, done by Andrea Kalan, “Somewhat Overindulgent” in the stead of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” crooned by Teddy Kogut, Cameron Macintosh, lampooning Cameron MacIntosh by Patrick O’Neil and “Old Cats”, with Cats by the nimble Caleb Wimble will have you shivering with laughter.

The show boasts numerous beautiful and crazy costumes (Melanie Rayne, Star Timney), nicely choreographed dance numbers (Lori Walsh), cabaret style seating and B.Y.O.B. option, and a very talented cast who succeeded in mounting their voices over a dominant piano, and making the audience laugh and forget about the frosty weather.

by Gerard Alessandrini
Directed by Brian Miller
January 25 – February 9, 2013
The Barnstormers Theater
402 Tome St
Ridley Park, PA 19078

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