1812’s THIS IS THE WEEK THAT IS: A Delightful Escape

by Connie Giordano

1812 Productions kicked off its 16th season with their annual series, THIS IS THE WEEK THAT IS: THE ELECTION SPECIAL.  Just in time to satirize the current presidential election, the show keeps Philadelphia audiences laughing with fresh jabs (re-written nightly) swiped directly from main street media outlets that offer so much fodder.  With witty material, multimedia design and pop music, director and ensemble member Jennifer Childs makes good use of the daily prize fight of politics to entertain her audiences, who are hungry for a laugh.

Written by its ensemble, each actor shone in their various roles.  Reuben Mitchell gave us a great Obama, his mugs onstage were reminiscent of a young Eddie Murphy.  Aimé Kelly was an absolute dead-ringer for Michelle Obama, along with some fabulous singing, but my favorite of all her characters was the entertainment news host in Hey Bitches, a tribute to TMZ.  Childs and Dave Jadico held their own playing Mr. and Mrs. Romney; insert obvious joke about horses and wealth here.  Childs brought back to life beloved South Philly character, Patsy, and Jadico was hilarious as the roving reporter broadcasting live from…the lobby.  Heads news writer, Don Montrey really held his own among his characters of head anchor and a bumbling Joe Biden.  Alex Bechtel showed us just how talented he is with his musical abilities, a sporty Paul Ryan, and the oh-so hip DJ side-kick in the TMZ send off.

Great interaction between innocent audience victims (and eager participants!) and the pros onstage kept this show alive and moving.  With the quick use of Photoshop, one audience member was larger than life as a presidential candidate in the second half of the show.

This kind of interactive production is just what makes 1812 Productions unique and so successful.

With our political climate in such disarray, the company dedicated to comedy is a wonderful escape from current events.

“We understand that the candidates are continually in the process of defining, and redefining, themselves and each other.  Our jobs as satirists is to take what they give us and explode it,” says Childs.

And that’s exactly what the show does.  Go and enjoy!

October 3 – November 4, 2012
1812 Productions
at Plays and Players Theatre
1714 Delancey St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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