PROPS EXCHANGE: GYPSY “Rose” Sign Needs a Home!

by Patricia Bradford

Editor’s Note:  I was touched by Kris’ comments about his mom and how they’d worked together in theatre. This truly is a collaborative art.  At the end of the listing Kris shares some more about his family.  If anyone has a use for this great prop – please contact Kris.

Contact Kris if you are interested in using this sign for your production of GYPSY.

Thank you for offering to post the ‘ROSE’ sign on your website! I’d really hate to throw out the ‘ROSE’ sign because it looks great and on a personal note, it was the last thing my mom and I worked on before she passed away from Breast Cancer. If it was something small, I’d hold onto for myself, but at 6 or so feet tall, I can’t store it anywhere.

The individual letters are about 6 feet tall, about 3 feet wide and are made of particle board (thin). The Christmas tree lights go all the way around the outer edge of the letters.

If anyone is interested in the letters, they can reach me at: (this e-mail gets forwarded to me at work, so I’ll see it come in).

Once someone is interested, I can work with them about a pick up.

Thank you again! I hope someone will take it and use it. It always received an applause during the show….a rare thing for us techies!

Kris Kauker
Technical Director / ADA Coordinator
Bridge Players Theatre Company


My mom and I (along with my dad and brother) worked on a lot of stage productions with Bridge Players Theatre Company located in Burlington, NJ.  When I am involved with a show, I get my family involved as well.  Both my mom and dad are experienced spotlight operators, my mom ran the audio board and light board, and was one of the costumers for the group.  Bridge Players is dedicating this season to her.

I’ve attached a couple of photos from previous shows with my mom, dad and brother in them.  Slide 116 is from West Side Story.  In the photo from left is me, my mom (Julie), my dad (Art) and my brother (Ken). 

Kris and his family....working together to make theatre happen!

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