by Patricia Bradford


Mad scientist, Dr Paulina, and her faithful hunchback sidekick, Clurb (of Midnight Monster Mayhem fame) create Man/Fish at their lab on Monster Party Island. He escapes at the same time that the popular video series “Drunk Girls Who’ve Signed Releases” arrives to film on Monster Island. In addition, the most awesome frat boy kegger is going down on the beach. Hi-jinks ensue! Written by Max Guerin (Midnight Monster Mayhem), bassist for New Pony and Absinthe Drinkers. Directed by Stan Heleva (Suburban Motel, Midnight Monster Mayhem), Producing Artistic Director of B. Someday Productions. Starring Michelle Pauls (The End of Civilization, Midnight Monster Mayhem), Managing Artistic Director of B. Someday Productions.

DATES: August 29-September 2, 2012


The year is 1958. Haughty Cornella Jansen is as powerful as she is beautiful. Every man is intimidated by her intelligence and appearance, except Javier, the mysterious janitor. In a moment of weakness she grants him three wishes. Will he seduce her into submission with his sexual prowess? For the Philly Fringe Festival. Written by Gerald van Wilgen, starring Michelle Pauls.

DATES: September 8-23, 2012

SUBURBAN MOTEL – Problem Child

Denise and R.J. had a baby. Then they lost the baby when Denise’s mother called child services on her for turning tricks and shooting dope. So they cleaned themselves up, got a job, joined a church, well, R.J. did, and moved into Room 5 until they can convince Helen, their social worker, that they can be good parents. Then something bad happens to Helen—an accident, or was it—and she bleeds to death—or does she—and then things get a little complicated. Written by George F Walker, directed by Stan Heleva, starring Michelle Pauls and Gina Martino.

DATES: November 1-24, 2012.

WALKING FISH BURLESQUE PRESENTS: The Burlesque Adventures of Santa Claus: A Christmas Tale for Grownups

From the seldom told story by L. Frank Baum, comes a Santa unlike any you’ve ever met. Abandoned as an infant, found by the Great Woodsman Ak, suckled by a lioness and raised by Nymphs, this Santa has a distinctive funk all his own. Oh, the things you will see! Adapted by Stan Heleva.

DATES: December 19-31, 2012; Special NYE Show and Party!

SUBURBAN MOTEL – Criminal Genius

Shirley hires father/son petty crook team Rolly and Stevie to torch a restaurant, but instead they kidnap Amanda, the chef, whose father Mike hired Shirley, get it? Amanda escapes with the help of Stevie, who also helps torch Mike’s restaurant. Meanwhile, Rolly feels kinda bad about not torching the restaurant, so he goes back and does so, burning himself half-up in the process. Now Mike’s really mad. Can anybody get out of Room 5 alive? Written by George F Walker.

DATES: March 6-30, 2013

WALKING FISH BURLESQUE PRESENTS: The Second Day of the Rest of Your Life, Another End of the World Burlesque Comedy.

Turns out a meteor wasn’t enough to wipe out Kenzoville, not entirely. Instead it’s just been relocated to the Mississippi Delta. TV News Anchor-cum Gin Joint operator, Barbara Seasons will buy you a jar of moonshine if you tell her your story. Just don’t leave out the naughty bits! Watch out for the Snake Lady! Written by Emily Curier.



B. Someday Productions, a 501.c.(3) non-profit theatre-arts corporation, is a small independent producing and presenting theatre company, producing mainstage shows, cabaret productions, educational outreach programs, co-producing comedy, and family theatre programs. B. Someday was honored with its first Barrymore Award for its outreach program, Of Mythic Proportions in 2010 by the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia.

Established in 2007, Walking Fish Theatre, home to B. Someday Productions, is located in Kensington, on the Frankford Avenue Corridor of the Arts in Philadelphia. B. Someday is committed, within its community and beyond, to bringing and creating art on the Frankford Avenue Arts Corridor.

B. Someday Productions uses theatre, literature and myth to bring together artists and the community to discover new strategies for urban our challenges. B. Someday celebrates tradition while renewing the creative process through producing theatre–original, adaptation and in existence–providing educational programs and operating the Walking Fish Theatre.

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