Launches New Website

by Coz Baldwin

Welcome to the brand new STAGEPARTNERS.ORG website! We hope you find it to be a much more pleasant and efficient web browsing experience.

Some of you may have to adjust your bookmarks, unfortunately, but using the Search Box above should lead you in the right direction for finding what you’re looking for if it wasn’t where it was before. Some of you may also find some errors on the site or maybe something isn’t working properly and we’ve overlooked it.

If you can’t find something, or if something on the site is broken, please contact Patricia at as soon as possible!

Also, please know we’re working very hard and quickly to get all the archives of our past show reviews back up on the website. We ask for your patience as we do this.

Thanks very much. Enjoy the new STAGE Magazine website! We welcome your feedback in the comments section below, too!

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