George Hay (George Hartpence, L) and his wife Charlotte (Carol Thompson, R), in rehearsal costumes for Cyrano de Bergerac, engage in some backstage swordplay, to the consternation of an unsuspecting visitor behind the door (Andrew James Gordon) in MOON OVER BUFFALO, Ken Ludwig’s riotous show business farce.

Actors’NET Raises the Bar for Farce: MOON OVER BUFFALO

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Very much an ensemble piece, MOON OVER BUFFALO is a fantastically funny slice of a few hours of life in a very dysfunctional theater family. The stage itself was perfectly set, without a single wasted inch. The doors were all clear visible and perfect for one of the best comedic scenes of the show.

Geroge Hartpence (George) is hilarious as George Hay, and he fully embraces the funnier sides of the farce. His wife both on and off stage Carole Thompson (Charlotte) enthusiastically matches his vigor and blow for blow in the swordplay and witty lines. Seeing these two battle on stage was fun from start to finish. Hartpence does one of the most realistic attempts at being drunk on stage and Thompson on the other hand convincingly displays the desires of a woman who wants to be on the Big screen instead of a Buffalo stage.

Tess Ammerman (Rosalind) has amazing on stage chemistry with both John Bergeron (Paul) and Andrew James Gordon (Howard). Watching Ammerman and Bergeron reignite their characters’ passion for each other on stage was a fun show in and of itself. All three have excellent comedic timing and very expressive faces. Ammerman shines here slightly more then the others, but only ever so slightly.

Elizabeth Rzasa (Eileen), James Cordingley (Richard) and Cheryl Doyle (Ethel) round out the show with their own fantastic takes on the chaarcters that round out the show. While none of these three will win the glory of the show, these three actors make their roles their own and the show would be far less without them.

If you don’t get a chance to see MOON OVER BUFFALO during its run at The Heritage Center you will certainly regret it.

by  Ken Ludwig 
Directed and Produced by Joe Doyle
May 30 – June 15, 2014
The Actors’ NET of Bucks County
at The Heritage Center Theatre
635 North Delmorr Avenue (Route 32),
Morrisville, PA
Reservations at 215-295-3694 or


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Wren Workman

Wren Workman

Wren Workman has been involved in theater for twenty years as both cast and crew for various shows. As a performer Wren has worked with multiple local and community theaters including: The King of Prussia Players, The Newtown Arts Company and The Stagecrafters. Wren is a former board member for the Newtown Arts Company in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Wren has Aspergrer's Syndrome and fully believes that his involvement in the arts has helped him better understand people as a result. Wren gives all his thanks and love to his wife, his friends and his family for supporting him in all of his endeavors.

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