Fresh Take on Family Fave at Barley Sheaf: SNOW WHITE

by Patricia Bradford


You may think you know all about Snow White, but Greg Banks’ two-person adaptation approaches the tale in a fresh, fun, forward-thinking way. In about 70 minutes, SNOW WHITE (Theresa Forcellini) and 4 (Kevin Robinson) play numerous roles, accompanied by original live music written and performed by Chris Schuman.

Banks’ version is lively and interactive, but it pays tribute to the occasional darkness and depth of the original tale. According to Banks, Snow White isn’t either the “Pretty Passive Princess” or the “Funky Tomboy in Boots and Braces”, she is choosing to tell her own story by trying out many different roles. In an interview with the Children’s Theatre Company, where he developed SNOW WHITE in workshops, Banks said he believes that “the playing of multiple roles explores the idea that people can exist on several levels…We make choices about who we are and how we behave as we are all capable of being kind, cruel, villains, victims, or heroes in our own stories.” The format also “helps a young audience to remember that we are just telling a story…which is important because these classic fairytales can often have frightening elements.”

When asked to speak about Barley Sheaf’s production, director Andrea Grinwis said, It’s not a typical fairy tale. Snow White doesn’t go off with the prince at the end. She doesn’t even know him! There are some moments…where we, as the audience, are reminded that all of this happens to a 10 year-old, and in those moments it feels less like a fairy tale and more like a coming-of-age tale, reminding us how much innocence we’re entrusted with when we raise children.”

Helping Grinwis bring her vision to life are Assistant Director Bonnie Schuman, Producer Lindsay Franklin, Set Designer Wayne Grinwis, and Lighting Designer Allen Puy.

The 2:00 matinee of SNOW WHITE on Saturday, September 21 will be presented as a sensory-friendly/relaxed performance. Throughout the show, house lights will remain on at a low level and any jarring light changes will be altered. Sound volume will be lowered and remain constant throughout. Fidget and stress/sensory toys and headphones will be made available, and children will be free to vocalize during the performance and to leave their seats with adult supervision.

SNOW WHITE opens Friday, September 6 and runs Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00 through September 21, with a 2:00 matinees on September 14, 15, and 21. Purchase your tickets and select your seats online at or call the box office at 610.363.7075. This show is recommended for ages 6 and older.

The Barley Sheaf Players is a non-profit, inclusive community theater organization dedicated to the ongoing promotion and encouragement of dramatic arts in the region. BSP is located at 810 N. Whitford Rd in Lionville, PA and throughout the year welcomes new members interested in all aspects of theater at all levels of experience. Please visit for more information.


Theater/Organization: The Barley Sheaf Players
Theater Address: 810 N. Whitford Rd. Lionville, Pennsylvania 19353 (Map It)
Theater Phone: (610) 363-7075

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