RED HERRING: T&C’s Love Story, Disguised as a Spy Spoof

by Patricia Bradford

BUCKINGHAM, PA – RED HERRING is many things. It pokes fun at those film noir spy movies of the 30’s and 40’s. It’s a satire of 1950s morals; a send-up of gumshoe mysteries; and a riff on old time comedies of mistaken identity. But at its heart, RED HERRING is a love story.

Here’s the scenario: Senator Joe McCarthy’s daughter (Kate Augustin) loves a young, communist spy (Freddy Conover) so much so that she is willing to help him perform one last mission. (That’s couple one.)

Maggie, a hard-nosed cop (Marissa Samit) is trying to solve a murder while her boyfriend, a hard-nosed FBI agent (Eric Rupp), attempts to break up a spy ring. They can’t go on their honeymoon until their respective cases are solved. (That’s couple two.)

And finally, there’s Mrs. Kravitz,a long-suffering wife (Vickie Fuller) who murders her husband because she loves a Russian fisherman (Dave Levy) and she hopes her life will be better with him. (Couple three.)

The jokes are everywhere as these three couples work their way through the ups and downs of their romantic relationships while coping with the crazy antics of the spy stories going on around them.

Four other actors who play multiple roles in the show include Jean Laustsen (Mrs. McCarthy, Harriet and City Hall Clerk), Linda Walsh (Mrs. Van Nostrand, Patti and Dr. Kasden), David Sharper (Woody, Herbert, Chairman, Witness) and Ken Marblestone (Joseph McCarthy, Priest, Major Hartwell, Bartender and Corpse).

Producer Anne Fleming says that RED HERRING is a “pretty realistic depiction of marriage in a wacky setting.” 16 year-old Kate Augustin adds, “The humor is sly and unexpected.”

Director Elliot Simmons thinks audiences will enjoy the historical references to the 1950s and they will relate to the love stories happening on the stage. The 25 year directing veteran describes both the play and the actors as a “pleasure all around.”

RED HERRING runs May 15, 16, 22, 23, 29 and 30 AT 8:00 pm with matinee performances on May 17 and 24 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are available through or by calling 800-838-3006.

Photo: (from left to right) Dave Levy, Vickie Fuller, Eric Rupp, Marissa Samit, Kate Augustin, and Freddy Conover

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