THE REVOLUTIONISTS, The Stagecrafters, 11/26/2021-12/12/2021

by Patricia Bradford

Theater: The Stagecrafters
Theater Website:
Show runs: 11/26/2021 to 12/12/2021

Dateline: Paris, 1793, during the Reign of Terror − the time when a death sentence and the guillotine became the norm. Olympe de Gouges, author and activist, is trying to write a play about the French Revolution from a woman’s point of view. In this effort she is advised, prodded, and spurred on by three brassy, impatient, and insistent women: Marianne (a black rebel from the Caribbean), Charlotte Corday (a gutsy, single-minded assassin), and Marie-Antoinette (ex-Queen of France). This historical fantasy is a passionate, raucous, irreverent, and often hilarious anthem for four female voices, striving to be heard over the man-run horror show that they see around them.
… As Marie Antoinette puts it: “Sometimes a revolution needs a woman’s touch”.

Theater Address: 8130 GERMANTOWN AVE PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania 19118 (Map It)
Theater Phone: (215) 247-8881
Theater Amenities: Wheelchair Accessible, Heated/Air Conditioned, Close to public transportation

Price: $21-$25
Purchase tickets online:

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