THE CHILDREN’S HOUR, Town and Country Players, 07/21/2018

Theater: Town and Country Players
Theater Website:
Theater Phone: (215) 348-7566

Start date of auditions: 07/21/2018

Town and Country Players is seeking an Ethnically Diverse Cast for its upcoming production of The Children’s Hour which will be performed at our theater in Buckingham, PA from October 12 to October 27. The show is being directed by Rob Rosiello.
Auditions will be held (by appointment only) at the Buckingham Township Building, 4158 Hughesian Road, Buckingham, PA as follows:
Saturday, July 21, 2018 12:00pm to 5:00pm 
Sunday, July 22, 2018 12:00pm to 5:00pm 

Appointments can be scheduled by emailing the show’s Producer, Jillian Ambs, at
Your audition date and time will be confirmed by e-mail. Audition materials will be sent to you upon confirmation of your audition time slot.
Walk-ins are welcome and will be seen after audition appointments. 
Walk-ins should not arrive earlier than 3:00PM on either audition day. 
Callbacks (by invitation only) will be held at the Town and Country Players Theatre on York Road in Holloway Hall (rear of the Building) on Monday, July 23, 2018 from 7:00 – 10:00pm.
Audition Requirements:
Please bring a current headshot and resume. Please prepare and memorize a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue of your choice. There will be cold readings from the script.
A read through will be held during the last week of July with rehearsals beginning the 1st week of August. A copy of the rehearsal schedule will be provided to you at auditions. Please note, this production may require weekday Benefit performances on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm for the weeks in between public performances and also possibly on Saturday afternoon of the 2nd performance weekend (All possible Benefit dates will be noted on the rehearsal schedule provided at auditions). Actors must be available to perform for all Benefits scheduled. Benefit dates will be confirmed by September 13, 2018. This is a non-equity production.
Cell Phone Policy:
There will be a No Cell Phone Policy for rehearsals for this production. This is so all cast members can remain engaged and active during the rehearsal process.

You will be asked to provide all conflicts from August 1st to October 27nd.

“Between the dark and the daylight…comes a pause… known as The Children’s Hour.” Lillian Hellman’s powerful debut drama from 1934 was a Pulitzer Prize finalist and is based on startling actual events. This classic thriller unfolds when a young girl’s vengeful lie is unleashed on a New England all girls’ boarding school, creating chaos in its wake and a race against time to prevent a potentially catastrophic climax.

Roles Available:

Karen Wright (Lead): Female 25-35
She is Martha Dobie’s friend and co-owner of their school. Attractive, warm, and outgoing; self confident and stable.

Martha Dobie (Lead): Female, 25-40
Karen Wright’s friend and co-owner of their school, about the same age, or slightly older, described as “nervous” and “high strung” and is certainly far less composed and self-assured than her friend, it quickly becomes obvious that she greatly depends on Karen’s emotional stability and good sense to provide her with the confidence needed to make a go of their school.

Dr. Joseph Cardin (Lead): Male, 35-50
A relaxed and amiable doctor and Karen Wright’s fiance, his casual dress reflects his warm, easy-going nature, gracious and humorous and seems ideally suited to Karen.

Agatha (Supporting): Female, 40-65
A no-nonsense, middle-aged maid in the employ of Amelia Tilford, stern and straight-laced with Mary, who calls her “stupid,” although Agatha clearly sees through Mary’s deceptions, attempts to make the child into a “lady” are frustrated by Mrs. Tilford, who is deaf to the maid’s common-sense observations, also attempts to support Martha and Karen in their efforts to convince Mrs. Tilford that Mary concocted her story to destroy the young teachers.

Lily Mortar (Supporting): Female, 45-55
Bitter, washed up actress now teaching Shakespeare at a girls’ boarding school. Seeking actresses who are age-appropriate, but willing to consider younger actresses who can carry the weight and size needed for this more mature role.

Ms. Amelia Tilford (Supporting): Female, 60-69
A wealthy widow and dignified woman, Amelia has been an influential supporter of the Wright-Dobie School, where her granddaughter, Mary, is enrolled. Although she is a fair and generous person, she lacks good judgment when it comes to matters concerning her granddaughter. She recognizes that Mary is both spoiled and manipulative, but she dotes on the child and is utterly blind to the girl’s vicious nature.

Mary Tilford (Lead): Female, 10-14
The spoiled granddaughter of Amelia Tilford, a problem child at the Wright-Dobie School, appears “undistinguished,” but she is clever and used to having her own way with her doting grandmother, attempts to manipulate everyone at the school, resorting to a variety of tricks, including flattery, feigned sickness, blackmail, physical intimidation, and whining complaints.

Rosalie Wells (Supporting): Female, 13-17
A student at the Wright-Dobie School. Fun and sweet yet easily manipulated, she becomes a reluctant and unwilling pawn in Mary’s dangerous game.

Helen Burton, Catherine, Janet, Lois Fisher, Evelyn Nunn (has a lisp, easily bullied), Peggy Rogers
(All Supporting): Female, 13-16
Pupils at the school, friends of Rosalie and Mary (the character who tells the lie).

Grocery Girl (Supporting): Female, 13-18

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