ANGEL STREET, DCP Theatre, 02/04/2018

Theater Website:
Theater Phone: (215) 234-0966

Start date of auditions: 02/04/2018

Auditions for DCP Theatre’s production of the Patrick Hamilton thriller “Angel Street” will be held at the theatre (795 Ridge Rd Telford, PA) February 4 and 5 at 7:30 PM. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to sign in and fill out paperwork.
No appointment needed. Auditions will include cold readings from the script. All roles are non-union and non-paid. Headshot and resume appreciated, but not required.
Potential Callbacks: TBA
“Angel Street” performances are
April 13, 14, 15*, 20, 21, 22*, 26, 27, 28
Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances at 8 PM. *Sunday matinees at 2 PM.

For more information, please contact Director Nancy Server Thompson or 610-772-3791.

Jack and Bella Manningham live on Angel Street in 19th Century London. But their apparently tranquil and happy life is marred by the fact that Bella seems to be going slowly insane. One day, Bella has an unexpected caller: paternal Inspector Rough from Scotland Yard. Rough has some frightening theories about a murder committed fifteen years ago in the very same house – theories that involve Jack and could change Bella’s life forever. Who can she trust? This psychological thriller became the 1940’s Hollywood classic “Gaslight” and is just as engrossing and gripping today.
MR. MANNINGHAM: He is tall, good-looking, about forty-five. He is heavily-mustached and bearded, and perhaps a little too well dressed. His manner is suave and authoritative, with a touch of mystery and bitterness.
MRS. MANNIGHAM: She is about thirty-four. She has been good-looking, almost a beauty – but now she has a haggard, wan, frightened air, with rings under her eyes, which tell of sleepless nights and worse.
ELIZABETH: She is a stout, amiable, subservient woman of fifty.
NANCY: She is a self-conscious, pretty, cheeky girl of nineteen.
ROUGH: He is middle-aged – greying, short, wiry, active, brusque, friendly, overbearing. He has a low, warm, chuckle and completely dominates the scene from the beginning.
*While character ages are stated in the script and will be used as guidelines, the final ages of characters will be decided based on the actors auditioning. However, the age differences between characters will remain the same.

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Patricia Bradford

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