SILENT SKY, The Drama Group, 12/04/2017

Theater: The Drama Group
Theater Website:
Theater Phone: (215) 438-7331

Start date of auditions: 12/04/2017

Non-union auditions for The Drama Group’s production of SILENT SKY by Lauren Gunderson, directed by Robert Bauer, will be held on Monday and Tuesday evenings, December 4 & 5. To schedule an audition log onto and indicate the date, time, and character(s) for which you will be reading (see character descriptions below) and download appropriate audition sides.

Auditions will be held in Pilling Hall at the First United Methodist Church of Germantown, 6001 Germantown Avenue (between High Street and Walnut Lane). Please use the accessible entrance off of the Germantown Avenue Parking lot.

PLOT: When Henrietta Leavitt was recruited by the Harvard Observatory in the early 1900s, she was excited by the prospect of having access to one of the largest telescopes in the world, only to learn that the telescope was used exclusively by men. Instead, she joined a group of women charting stars for the chief male astronomer who calculated their efforts in “girl hours.” In her free time, however, Henrietta continued to study the heavens, drawing conclusions that radically altered the future of astronomy. Brilliant! Illuminating! And true!

Performances are Fridays and Saturdays, March 9 to 24, at 8:00 P.M.

The Drama Group is an all-volunteer theatre company.

CHARACTERS: (The action of the play covers many years, but there will be no attempt to age the actors. Ages are, therefor, somewhat flexible.)

HENRIETTA LEAVITT (early 30s) a brilliant astronomer, passionate about her studies, frustrated by the limited opportunities for women working at the Harvard Observatory. Never the less, she remains passionate about her research, making revolutionary discoveries while working on her own. She is hard of hearing and wears a hearing aid.

MARGARET LEAVITT (20s-30s) Henrietta’s sister. A talented pianist and composer. When Henrietta heads off for Boston, she stays at home to care for their father, marries and has a son. (Must sing a bit, but need not play piano.)

ANNIE CANNON (40 +) a strong minded feminist, demonstrating for women’s rights. She is head of the women’s section of the Harvard Observatory.

WILLIAMINA FLEMING (50 +) a former housekeeper, now working at the Harvard Observatory, she is smart, funny, and speaks her mind. She has a Scottish accent.

PETER SHAW (30s) apprentice to the head astronomer at the Harvard Observatory. He is somewhat uncomfortable around women. He is also (almost) Henrietta’s love interest.

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Patricia Bradford

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