THE WINTER’S TALE, The Drama Group, 07/13/2017

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Start date of auditions: 07/13/2017

Non-union auditions for The Drama Group’s production of “The Winter’s Tale” by William Shakespeare, directed by Denise Brunker, will be held on Thursday July 13, and Tuesday, July 18, beginning at 7:00 P.M. To schedule an audition log onto and indicate the time, date and character(s) for which you will be reading (see character descriptions below) and download appropriate audition sides.

Auditions will be held in Pilling Hall at the First United Methodist Church of Germantown, 6001 Germantown Avenue (between High Street and Walnut Lane). Please use the accessible entrance off of the Germantown Avenue Parking lot.

Performances are Fridays and Saturdays, November 10 to 25, at 8:00 P.M.


1. LEONTES (and miscellaneous farmhand) (male, 40s-60s) Vindictive and explosive, King Leontes sets in motion the destruction – or near destruction – of his marriage, family and friendships in one jealous moment. He loves his wife, Queen Hermione, but does not value her at her true worth. He is, however, capable of deep feeling and tenderness. Important qualities are his tendency to react thoughtlessly and to be duped by appearances, failing to see the truth in those who care for him. Double-cast with the non-speaking role of a farmhand.

2. HERMIONE (and farm girl) (female, 30s-40s) Wife of King Leontes, Queen Hermione is a wise, patient counterbalance to her husband’s rashness. She is able to express herself with dignity and sincerity, and is courageous in the face of pain and suffering. Double-cast with minor, non-speaking role of a farm-girl.

3. MAMILLIUS (male, 7-12 years old) The young son of Leontes and Hermione, Mamillius registers sorrow and playfulness with equal sincerity. He adores his parents and is loved by everyone who knows him.

4. PERDITA (female, 15-20s) The lost daughter of Leontes and Hermione, Perdita mirrors her mother’s poise and deep love for others. Separated from her parents and raised on a farm, she is accustomed to hard work yet is easily embarrassed and naïve. She has native qualities of grace, intelligence and wisdom. She is in love with Florizel, but is anxious about their future together.

5. POLIXENES (male, 40s-60s) The childhood friend of Leontes and father of Florizel, King Polixenes is faithful and sincere. Like Leontes, Polixenes is, himself, capable of violent bursts of anger tempered by love and forgiveness.

6. FLORIZEL (male, 20s) Polixenes’ son and the fiancée of Perdita. He is deeply in love with Perdita and determined to marry her, in spite of his father’s threat to disinherit him should he proceed with the marriage.

7. CAMILLO (and mariner) (male, 40s – 60s) Leontes’ devoted, trusted advisor. Like Paulina, Camillo is able to discern the truth behind appearance and escapes Leontes’ kingdom with Polixenes, saving both their lives. Camillo is shrewd and somewhat calculating, always for the good of others. Double-cast with the mariner, a character with several lines who makes a brief appearance with Antigonous.

8. PAULINA (and farm girl) (female, 40s – 60s) Wife of Antigonus, Paulina is the only character to confront Leontes with the truth. She takes action against him when no one else will, but is also the first to forgive him. She is double-cast with the non-speaking role of a farm girl.

9. OLD FARMER (and Officer to Leontes) (male, 50s – 70s) Perdita’s foster father, the Old Farmer is a main source of comedy. He is rustic and given to self-pity, sometimes described as simple-minded. He is double-cast with the minor speaking role of Officer to Leontes.

10. FARMER’S SON (and servant to Leontes) (male, 20s – 30s) As clueless as his father, the son is also a hapless victim of circumstances, but more proactive than the Old Farmer. Both are generous and warm-hearted. He is double-cast with the minor, speaking role of servant to Leontes.

11. AUTOLYCUS (and Antigonus) (male, 20s – 60s) A petty thief, gossip and narcissist, Autolycus delights in creating mischief and confusion, especially if he can reap some financial reward from it. He especially enjoys preying on the naïve and innocent. He is double-cast with Antigonus, husband of Paulina. Although his is a minor role, Antigonus proves to be a courageous, caring individual who is forced by Leontes to abandon the latter’s infant daughter in the wilderness.

12. EMILIA (also Mopsa, Cleomenes and lord to Leontes) (female, 20s – 60s) A minor character, Emilia is waiting woman to Hermione. She is double-cast with other minor parts: Mopsa (girlfriend of the Farmer’s Son), Cleomenes (a lord to Leontes) and a second lord to Leontes. All are speaking roles. Cleomenes and lord to Leontes each have a monologue.

The Drama Group is an all-volunteer theatre company.

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