THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, Newtown Arts Company, 06/15/2017-06/21/2017

Theater: Newtown Arts Company
Theater Website:
Show runs: 06/15/2017 to 06/21/2017

THE PHILADELPHIA STORY is a story of independent but haughty Tracy Lord who discovers that her second marriage is the focus of a scandal magazine’s expose´ of Philadelphia high society. Tracy’s brother has arranged the expose´ to divert attention from father’s romance with a Broadway dancer, and invited a reporter and photographer to cover the wedding. Though determined to keep her family’s affairs private, Tracy finds herself attracted to Mike, the fascinating reporter, with whom she takes a late night swim after a few too many drinks. Upon discovering the apparent indiscretion, her fiancé is less than understanding while ex-husband, Dexter, makes every attempt to quell Tracy’s feelings of guilt. Torn between feelings for Mike and Dexter, and aided by her precocious sister, Dinah, Tracy must rediscover her authentic self amidst the trappings of social class; wealth and media scrutiny.

–”…a delightfully funny and sublime evening of entertainment.”

Theater Address: NEWTOWN THEATRE 120 NORTH STATE STREET Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940 (Map It)
Theater Phone: (215) 860-7058
Theater Amenities: Wheelchair Accessible, Concessions, Heated/Air Conditioned

Price: $18–$21
Purchase tickets online:

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Patricia Bradford

Patricia Bradford

Patricia Bradford holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Vocal Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She has performed, directed and produced theatre throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Ms. Bradford is founder and Managing Artistic Director of Bare Stage Theatre. Leading STAGE Magazine has become a consuming passion - one which combines her many artistic skills, theatrical contacts and administrative abilities. She is thrilled to be carrying on the vision that was begun by Holley Webster over 30 years ago, and leading STAGE to new levels of success.

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