URINETOWN THE MUSICAL, Playcrafters of Skippack, 04/15/2017

Theater Website: http://www.playcrafters.org
Theater Phone: (610) 584-4005

Start date of auditions: 04/15/2017

Director: Florence Wydra-Gat
Musical Director: Mindy Rubinlicht-Torban
Choreographer: Jennifer Wilkinson
Audition Dates:
April 15 at 10 am
April 19 at 7 pm
Callbacks: April 22nd at 10 am

Show dates: July 13,14,15; 21,22,23 (3pm); 27,28,29.

The Cast of Characters:
This is a true ensemble show! Everyone works and works hard in this show. Here are the potential roles and requirements.

We are looking for at least 13 men and at least 8 women over 16 years of age who are a triple threat! We need great singers, people with stellar comedic timing, and various degrees of dancing capabilities.

Bring in 32 bars of an appropriate Broadway selection showing your vocal range and ability. Please use the ranges provided in the character description as a basis for your choice.

Bring dance sneakers or sneakers and be prepared for dance/movement.

Bring a list of all conflicts to add to the audition form

The Rich:

CALDWELL B. CLADWELL: The evil president and owner of the Urine Good Company. He is a miserly money-grubber who gleefully exploits the poor.

Male, older Range: A2 – G4

HOPE CLADWELL: Cladwell’s ravishingly beautiful daughter, torn between her father and her new love for Bobby. Female, 20-30 yrs old Range: A3 – A5

SENATOR FIPP: A greedy politician in Cladwell’s pocket. A bumbling coward. Male, middle aged Range: C#3 – F4

MR. MCQUEEN: Cladwell’s servile assistant. Male, any age old Range: B2 – EF

DR. BILLEAUX: Head of Research and Development at UGC. Male, any age Range: E3 – A3

MRS. MILLENIUM- Vocal Range: Soprano Height: medium – tall

A UrineGoodCompany exec, Cladwell’s Head Secretary. Strong acting – singing ability and comic timing. Dance skills required.

CLADWELL’S SECRETARY: A valued UGC executive. Various age/vocal ability- dance skill a must

The police and mulitple character roles:

OFFICER LOCKSTOCK: The tongue-in-cheek narrator of our story. Bold, brash, and larger than life. Male, 30-55 yrs old Range: A2 – A4

OFFICER BARREL: Lockstock’s patrol partner. A sterotypical policeman. Male, 30-50 yrs old Range: G2 – F4

JULIE CASSIDY (Female police)/ UGC Executive#1: heavy singing and dancing, any age

ROGER ROOSEVELT (Male police)/ UGC Executive#2: singing and strong dancing, any age

JACOB ROSENBLOOM (Male police)/ UGC Executive/ BILLY BOY BILL: singing and strong dancing, any age

The Poor:

BOBBY STRONG: Our hero who works for Miss Pennywise at the poorest, filthiest town urinal.

Male, 18-30 yrs old Range: A2 – C4

PENELOPE PENNYWISE : The tough, jaded warden of the poorest, filthiest town urinal.

Female, older Range: A3 – C6

LITTLE SALLY: A precocious and irreverent street urchin. She serves as a quasi-narrator who often questions Lockstock and the play’s logic.

Female, any age Range: A3 – E5

HOT BLADES HARRY: He is a psychopathic and can become a violent, loose cannon. Male, any age Range: A2 – F4

JOSEPH “OLD MAN” STRONG: Bobby’s rebellious father. Male, older Speaking Role/ ensemble singing

JOSEPHINE ‘MA” STRONG : Bobby’s mother and Joseph’s wife. A strong-willed woman.

Female, older old Range: Bb3 – D5

LITTLE BECKY TWO-SHOES : She is foul-mouthed, impulsive, and accusatory. Female, any age Range: Bb3 – F5

SOUPY SUE: One of the Poor, she is excitable and easily panicked. Female, any age Range: Bb3 – B4

TINY TOM: One of the Poor, he is an idiotic man-child. Male, any age Range: D3 – A3

ROBBY THE STOCKFISH: Age: Open Vocal Range: Baritone Height: medium – tall

Somewhat of a goof. He is recently unemployed from a menial desk job. Strong acting – singing ability and comic timing. Medium dance skills

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Patricia Bradford

Patricia Bradford

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