THE DROWSY CHAPERONE, Village Playbox, 02/20/2017

Theater: Village Playbox
Theater Website: http://www.villageplaybox.org/
Theater Phone: (856) 534-6960

Start date of auditions: 02/20/2017

February 20 and 21, 2017 at 7:00 PM
February 22 for callbacks if needed
The First Presbyterian Church
Green Street between 7th and 8th Avenues
Haddon Heights, NJ

(8) First Presbyterian Church, May 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, and 20, 2017 Evening curtain is 8:00 pm; Sunday matinee curtain is 3:00 pm.

Director: Anita Rowland (nitalouise@aol.com)
Musical Director: Mark Kozachyn
Assistant Director: Steve Allen

THE DROWSY CHAPERONE is a parody of 1920s musical comedies. As this show-within-a-show begins, a man in chair appears and proceeds to play for the audience a record of his favorite musical, the 1928 (totally fictitious) hit The Drowsy Chaperone. The recording comes to life as the characters appear to act out the story of starlet Janet Van de Graaff, who is leaving Feldzieg’s Follies to marry oil tycoon Robert Martin, much to the horror of Mr. Feldzieg who is being strong-armed by his wealthy investor to stop the wedding. The man in the chair provides a running commentary as the screwball comedy, complete with stock characters, slapstick humor, and mistaken identity, unfolds.

ALL ROLES REQUIRE SINGING. Prepare a song that accurately demonstrates your vocal timbre. Musical theater selections are preferable to pop songs. Be prepared to sing a cappella or bring sheet music or recorded accompaniment to the audition.

REHEARSALS WILL BEGIN FEBRUARY 27. Rehearsals will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, with Sunday afternoons if needed. Exact rehearsal dates and times will be scheduled based on actors’ availability. We ask that you have limited conflicts. If you would like to be cast in this production, you must be available for every tech week rehearsal (May 1-4) and all performances. There will be no understudies.

Note: Age ranges listed are character ages, not necessarily the ages of the actors.

Man in the Chair (Male, Lead, 40s-60s) Narrates the show as he plays the Broadway recording. A music theater afficiando and recluse who mourns the end of the Golden Era, he is truly happy listening to his collection of Broadway show records. Strong acting skills required to develop what is the only-non-stock character in the show. Mannerisms and tics should be funny and charming but also realistic. Some singing in Baritone range. Expect to do a cold reading from the script if you are auditioning for this role.

Janet Van de Graaf (Female, Lead, 30s): Star of Feldzieg’s Follies who is conflicted about giving up her life on the stage to marry the handsome oil tycoon, Robert Martin. Attractive and vivacious with an outgoing personality, Janet loves the spotlight and embodies the attributes of the classic 1920s starlet. Strong dance skills required; acrobatics a plus. Vocal range: Alto with a big belt (G3-E5)

Robert Martin (Male, Lead, 30-40): The groom-to-be who is deeply in love with Janet. He is the stereotypical 1920s leading man—handsome, debonair and dashing. He is cheerful and optimistic. Must feel comfortable tap dancing (or at least learning how) and be able to move across the stage on roller skates. Vocal range: Tenor (C3-Ab4)

The Drowsy Chaperone (Female, Lead, 50s): Janet’s alcoholic confidante. Carefree, often because she is drunk, she is an experienced woman of the world who couldn’t care less what the world thinks. A melodramatic diva, she gleefully delights in chewing up the scenery and stealing every scene she is in. Strong comedic skills required. Vocal range: Alto with strong belt (F3-D5)

Adolpho (Male, 40s, Supporting) Latin Lothario. A buffoon who specializes in over-acting, he is a womanizing cad. Fake Spanish accent and good comic timing required. Vocal range: Bass/Baritone with a great falsetto (A#2-G4)

Mrs. Tottendale (Female, Supporting, 45-60) A wealthy widow/host of the wedding who is flighty, eccentric, often times forgetful, and funny. Oblivious to the confusion her behavior generates, she is charming and bubbly. Vocal range: Alto character voice (G3-Db5)

Underling (Male, Supporting, 50s-60s) Mrs. Tottendale’s unflappable butler and manservant. He is stoic, dry-humored, and sarcastic. Vocal range: Tenor character voice (Ab2-G4)

Mr. Feldzieg (Male, Supporting, 40s-50s) Harried producer who will do anything to stop the wedding in order to keep Janet in the Follies. He is nervous, sarcastic, overbearing, and insensitive. Vocal range: Baritone (Db3-Db4)

Kitty (Female, Supporting, 30s-40s) Stereotypical 1920s ditzy blonde chorus girl. She is Mr. Feldzieg’s companion and will do anything to be a leading lady. The ability to do a nasally New York accent is a plus. Dancing required. Vocal range: Soprano comedic belt (Bb3-F5)

George (Male, Supporting, 30s-40s) Robert’s anxious best man. Loyal, sincere, and a bit dim-witted, he always has Robert’s best interest always at. Must feel comfortable tap dancing (or at least learning how). Vocal range: Tenor (F3-Bb4)

Gangsters #1 and #2 (Supporting, 30s-40s) Two jovial gangsters posing as pastry chefs. These are typical 1920s Broadway gangster roles characterized by stylized movement and word play in a New York accent. Comic comedic timing and dancing required. May be played by females. Vocal range: Tenor (Db3-Gb4)

Trix the Aviatrix (Female, Featured, 35-50) The brave and brash female aviator. She is a sassy take charge kind of gal. Preferably an African-American actress as originally cast. May double in the ensemble. Vocal range: Alto (Ab3-Eb5).

Ensemble: A strong dancing/singing ensemble of 2 men and 2 women. Will play several parts in the show (staff, guests, reporters, photographers, etc.) Vocal range: Soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

Please email Anita Rowland with questions.

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Patricia Bradford

Patricia Bradford

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